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“There was an age, pre-TMX, when celebrity couples telegraphed an air of glamourous mystery… captured in  Hartman’s INCOMPARABLE COUPLES.”

Marie Claire

“During 4 decades, Rose Hartman photographed the most beautiful and elegant women. Her book, INCOMPARABLE WOMEN OF STYLE, compiles photos that symbolize an epoch of unlimited hedonism.”

Latin American Vogue



INCOMPARABLE WOMEN OF STYLE features both iconic images and ones never published. Who could forget Bianca Jagger’s Studio 54 entrance astride a white horse?"

Elle Magazine


“Hartman’s INCOMPARABLE WOMEN Of STYLE is a resplendent photo gallery of the goddesses who populate our modern glamour Olympus: models, actors, jet-setters,and fashionistas famous or obscure.” 

The NY Times Sunday Style Section

"INCOMPARABLE COUPLES is a veritable dance between photographer and her famous subjects.”

Quest Magazine

INCOMPARABLE COUPLES focuses on her candid  photos of well-known duos eye candy for celebrity-obsessed brides and grooms-to-be looking to make their own big-day entrance."

"The exhibition at New York's Revelation Gallery (January 2019) titled LA VIE EN ROSE is a limited edition series of photographs by Rose Hartman play with ideas of both pleasure and infamy in a historical context. A certain joie de vivre, or joy for living, is immediately evident in the work, most of which was shot amidst the decadent landscape of New York City’s nightlife and art world culture of the late 1970s and 1980s —and continuing to early 2000."


The Most Memorable Photos of Andy Warhol, Bianca Jagger, and Jackie O at Studio 54

Of all the many photographs that have resurfaced since the heyday of Andy Warhol, Rose Hartman's undeniably take the cake. The native New Yorker, newly minted octogenarian, and star of the documentary The Incomparable Rose Hartman isn't just one of the foremost documentarians of some of the most iconic moments and settings of the 1970s, '80s, and '90s—chief among them being Studio 54, where she captured one of her most memorable of snapshots, which she says were never set up or staged: Bianca Jagger making her entrance into her 30th birthday party (organized, naturally, by Mick Jagger) atop a white horse. She was also one of the first photographers to head backstage at fashion shows, and there's no denying that her early instincts paid off: Hartman was right there alongside, for example, Naomi Campbell at one of the earliest Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows, back in the days when it was held atop a a makeshift, livestream-free runway set up in the Plaza Hotel.

Rose Hartman interviewed at Susan Hostetler Gallery. NCTV Nantucket, 2020

Blind Magazine, Bilingual (French and English online magazine) 

The Telegraph, Andy Warhol's manager Fred Hughes at the Marlboro Gallery, New York, in 1979 - Rose Hartman/Getty Images.

TatlerA who’s who of Andy Warhol’s glamorous high society connections.

The most marvellous Met Gala looks of all time.

Who was Lady Renwick, the Iranian-born socialite who charmed British royals and politicians?

“I think the beauty of Rose is that she is a woman understanding a woman photographing a woman.” Donna Karen | ARTSHESAYS

“Hartman is releasing some of her best work in a new book highlighting fashion’s greatest couples-designers and muses, fashion friends, lovers and model cliques."

“There was an age, pre-TMZ, when celebrity couples telegraphed an air of glamorous mystery. Photographer Rose Hartman reminisces on such famous pairings in her latest tome, 'Incomparable Couples.' Gordon Parks and Gloria Vanderbilt, Carlos Souza and Lorenzo Villarini in clown suits at Studio 54, the famous and infamous—they’re all here."

ELLE Magazine 

“Hartman is looking for authenticity, a disarming moment when her targets  are not  aware she’s training her camera on them...

The photos of duos in her new book are captured in this raw, unposed tactic she’s used  to create an almost documentary style amid the glamour and polish."

Italian Vogue


“A stylish compendium overflowing with glamour, diamonds, and Chanel hoop earrings. Married couples, friends, mothers and daughters, designers and muses, celebrities and their dogs, Hartman captured them all in their prime at fashion shows, after-parties, pre-parties, and everything in between.” 

“Hartman has stood as one of the ultimate witnesses of  American culture for the last 40 years…”

Quest Magazine

“Hartman was a constant presence at Studio 54 and has remained on NY’s social scene ever since…"

“A love note to New York City compliments of Rose Hartman. She offers us a scrapbook of sorts  that chronicles so many “couples” who were part of what made the city such a wondrous place.”

New York Journal of Books

"From Studio 54 to Fashion Week, Rose Hartman was first in line."

The London Times

Photography featured in

Carine Roitfeld's CR Fashion Book, 2019

"Andy Warhol, Oprah Winfrey, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Naomi Campbell are just on the short list of household names that legendary fashion and celebrity photographer Rose Hartman has captured with her 35 mm lens. Known for her extensive catalogue of photos taken at Studio 54 in its heyday, including the iconic image of Bianca Jagger atop a white horse, Hartman is in a league of her own in the world of photography, and has the forty year career to prove it. Ahead of her exhibit opening at Hostetler Gallery on July 25, N Magazine sat down with Hartman to find out the secret behind her magic, and just how that larger-than-life equine found its way to the dance floor back in 1977."

Nantucket Magazine, 2020

French VOGUE, Portfolio of Rose Hartman

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