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THE INCOMPARABLE ROSE HARTMAN documentary directed by Otis Mass, focuses on the four decades career of the legendary photographer, a fixture of the New York Fashion scene. The film follows Hartman seeking her prey in the “chiffon jungle,” going from ateliers, to fashion shows, exhilarating backstage and glittering nights at Studio 54, Xenon, Palladium and other memorable night clubs in the city. Her eye is able to get something new from very famous subjects: supermodels, actors, celebrities, artists, designers, and fashionistas, each of them expressing their own individuality in the photos.

THE INCOMPARABLE ROSE HARTMAN is also a very personal, intimate look at the life and career of a woman in a world dominated by men, a tireless, real New Yorker. The movie features interviews with various fashion world, as well as, personalities including Carolina Herrera, Simon Doonan, and Donna Karan.

Gravitas Ventures will release the film on VOD, DVD and Blu-ray on August 29, 2017.

"'The Incomparable Rose Hartman' about the iconic photog is must-see film."

                                      Rick Jervis, USA Today 

Hartman documented the celebrity and fashion culture in Studio 54-era New York City.

Gravitas Ventures will release the celebrity photography documentary The Incomparable Rose Hartman in North America.

Directed by Otis Mass, the doc centers on the now-80-year-old female photog behind the most enduring celebrity and fashion images to come out of NYC's Studio 54 era.

Mass and Bob Fisher produced the doc, with Sally Antonacchio, Eric Schmollinger and Hartman serving as executive producers. 

Rose Hartman, which had its world premiere at SXSW, will screen at New York's Quad Cinema on June 2 and the Laemmle Monica in Santa Monica on July 7, the latter of which will be accompanied by a photography exhibition. 

Gravitas will release the film in North America on VOD, DVD and Blu-ray on Aug. 29.

Franklin Weinrib negotiated the deal on behalf of the filmmakers.

“What makes the film fascinating is Rose Hartman herself . . . with her eccentric personality.”


“From Andy Warhol and Studio 54 to Mick Jaggera nd Donald Trump, Rose ‘with thorns’ Hartman has lived a colorful life photographing the rich and famous at play." The Daily


“To be a great photographer, you have to have a sharp eye, and Rose does.” Carolina Herrera


“I see her as an impulsive portraitist." Simon Doonan, Barney's Global Ambassador 


“Hartman carved her place in history with fearless ambition and an eye for photographing split-second intimate moments of high fashion." The Austin Chronicle

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