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ACC Publishing Group, 2015

"Lots of great things come in twos, which is why photographer Rose Hartman is publishing INCOMPARABLE COUPLES (ACC Editions), a stylish compendium overflowing with glamour, diamonds, and Chanel hoop earrings."

(Chiara Marinai, Vanity Fair)



ACC Publishing Group, 2012


"INCOMPARABLE WOMEN OF STYLE shimmers with images, the likes of which we may never see again. We get the feeling that we, too, are on the spot, observing - as Rose Hartman was."

(Pippa Metcalf, Time Out/Amsterdam)


"INCOMPARABLE WOMEN OF STYLE contains Ms. Hartman’s resplendent photo gallery of the goddesses who populate our modern glamour Olympus: models, actresses, jet-setters, editors and fashionistas, famous or obscure, all amazing to look at."

(Liesl Schillinger, New York Times)


Delta Books, 1980

"BIRDS OF PARADISE is a whirlwind tour of the NY high-fashion world. Penetrating the inner sanctums of this multi-billion dollar industry, journalist and photographer Rose Hartman explores its creative energies and high-strung personalties with wit and insight. She takes us into the studios and offices of the model agencies, publicists, and department store buyers to show the high-stakes business of "packaging" talent and fashion as well as a round of parties, galas, and extravaganzas-each more lavish than the last-that attract the beautiful people, jet-setters, artists, and culture moguls who buy the clothes

and create the 'scenes'."

(Manuel Santelices, Cosas Magazine)

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